Help me get my official store going!

Hello fellow internet brethren!!

Thank you for considering my goal first of all!!  Help me achieve my dream of opening my very own store where people can find my art and I can give other artists a place to shine.
I have worked at many tattoo shops and many airbrush stores that I know the backend of the business pretty good. With the money I will incorporate the business and hopefully get a small place to setup shop. Anything you are willing to contribute is more than appreciated, and with my resorcefulness every dollar will be put to good use. With your help I will be able to recognize my life long dream of finally being a bonifide artist with my own studio. I am beyond overjoyed to finally release my work and to share it with each of you.

Thank you for your support and your contribution! :)

Exclusive art by Mike available at Da Golson’s Spot

IMG_0815IMG_0810Check out a local store here in Pueblo, CO. They have partnered up with Mikes Brush to bring you the finest in airbrushing in southern Colorado. So stop by 2221 W Northern AvePueblo, Colorado 81004 Today and check out all the awesome art and things available.
They even have an in house tattoo artist to take care of you ink heads. IMG_0811They are Taking Orders for T-shirts, Shoes, Hats and any other small items you might be interested in painting. No hassle service just tell them what you want, pay, and come back the next day for your awesome art. IMG_0814Also available in store are pipes, t-shirts, customized items, glasses, jewelry, purses, shoes, smoking accessories and many other things.

Help support Local Stores and Artists by dropping by “Da Golson’s Spot” today and have some custom art made. 2221 W Northern AvePueblo, Colorado 81004 (719) 924-8785